Who Are We ?

Emco Customer ServiceEMCO Corporation began its journey in 1906 as a small plumbing store in London, Ontario under the name Empire Manufacturing Company Limited. Today, EMCO is the top choice for Canadian customers seeking plumbing, HVAC and refrigeration, waterworks, and industrial material. For more than a century, EMCO has provided great service and value for its customers, and we’re committed to continuous improvement. We want to be the distributor of choice for our customers, teams and stakeholders.


At EMCO, we are committed to consistently exceeding your expectations with:

- on time delivery

- order accuracy

- invoice accuracy

- best-in-class fill rates

Our inventory is managed and stocked at the local  level to allow you, our customer, to access the products and services you need, without delay.



Our track record proves it, our fill rates are over 98% in every region we serve. We also know that measuring performance is important, so we offer our customers a personalized "customer service scorecard" and welcome every opportunity to listen and learn how we can improve our service execution capabilities and customer relationships.

Our Goal is to partner with you to help build your business. we go beyond the standard role of distribution to offer product and business training programs and welcome your input to help us provide what you need to be successful.



According to historical records of the Canadian plumbing industry, only 300 bathtubs were sold in Canada between 1930 and 1936. As a result, Empire Manufacturing found ways to build high quality products more efficiently in order to survive the Great Depression. The company continued to prosper during and after the two World Wars by reinventing itself to focus on sales, believing that it was more important to create loyal customers than to take orders - this is still a guiding principle at EMCO today.



EMCO is founded on strong core values, which impact how we act and the decisions we make every day. "Do the right thing," is a fundamental belief shared throughout the organization and is integral to our success in building strong customer relationships that withstand the test of time.

Fairness and Caring

Doing the right thing and being committed to the success of others.  Showing others by our words and actions that we genuinely care about them personally and professionally.

Trust and Respect

Acting with integrity and leading by example. Always doing what we say we are going to do. Being trusting and respectful of others.

Generous Listening

Listening carefully and deeply to ensure we fully understand each other.  Being open to new ideas. Suspending our judgments in a way that encourages others to share their opinions and allows us to hear what others are truly saying.

Straight Talk

Respectfully saying the things we really mean in a timely manner and in the spirit of fairness and support of others.  Providing feedback and being committed to having the conversations that are needed.